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Acoustic Construction

Above: A custom basement studio for musicians in Erie, CO. 

custom Acoustic spaces

We specialize in custom acoustic spaces, from design and engineering through construction and testing so you can turn your office, basement or garage into a professional, high performance space: 

  • Music Studios

  • Meeting rooms

  • Recording Studios 

  • Offices 


Acoustic Isolation and sound absorption can make noisy spaces into comfortable, productive spaces. For those not interested in building an acoustic space from scratch, retrofits are a great and affordable solution for all the following and more:

  • Quieting offices or rooms next to busy roads

  • Noise reduction between walls or floors

  • Reduction of echo and reverb in offices or meeting spaces

  • Library or place of worship sound mediation

Above: A garage drum booth retrofit for a musician in Northglenn, CO

Above: A semi-permanent barn to venue conversion in Boulder CO. 

AV, wiring, stage design

Many of our staff are musicians and live performers themselves, and can provide advice and intuition based on years of practice. We build stages for live performance and cover all aspects of construction for a variety of use cases:

  • Indoor/outdoor stages

  • Places of worship

  • PA system installation

  • Acoustic analysis and design

  • Routing and built in construction

  • lighting design and scaffold construction

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