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In the post-Covid era, many of us find ourselves adapting to a new way of life with more time at home, more time for hobbies and more need for spaces to accommodate them. 

Our homes can be adapted for our lifestyles and enable our hobbies, as shown in our basement music studio project.


Kitchens are at the heart of what makes a house a home. Modern kitchens emphasize community, social opportunity, and family fun. 

The right kitchen can transform the comfort of a house, and new technologies can increase efficiency while reducing levels of harmful pollutants in your home. We excel at kitchen design and are happy to work with you to find an arrangement that suits your needs. 



Bathrooms are becoming an increasingly popular area for custom remodels. The private domain allows the opportunity to indulge our personal tastes. Materials like tile, copper, and glass give bathrooms unique finish opportunities which we excel at providing. 

With backgrounds in plumbing and tile as well as design, we are uniquely qualified to install performance bathroom finishes. 


Product Design

Our and our clients' specific aesthetic requirements often reach beyond the market's offerings. 

Fortunately, with backgrounds in Engineering, Design, Fine arts, and Manufacturing, we are situated to provide one-of-a-kind alternatives, as well as high quality, hand-made product series relevant to the lifestyle and architectural industries. 

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